Waldenwoods Resort Wedding: The Complete Guide


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As a wedding photographer who got married at Waldenwoods, I’ve become specialized in photographing Waldenwoods Resort weddings. In fact, we are featured on BRIDES with a Waldenwoods Resort Wedding!

In this post, we are excited to share what we have learned from photographing wedding at this gorgeous venue. Here, we cover everything you need to know about planning a Waldenwoods Wedding, from venue options to timeline planning and everything in between.

Outdoor Wedding Venue Options

If you are looking for the best Waterfront wedding venue in southeast Michigan, look no further. Waldenwoods, located in Howell, Michigan, has two gorgeous lakeside ceremony and reception sites: Cromaine Venue and Lakeview Venue.

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Waldenwoods Resort Wedding: Ceremony Site, Cromaine Venue

As you can see from the images, the Cromaine Venue is surrounded by lush greenery and located lakeside on Lake Walden. The backdrops on both sides are just incredible, especially in summer and fall. 

This venue comes with Cromaine Hall as the reception area. My favorite things about the Cromaine Lodge are its wall of windows. As a matter of fact, we use the unique windows for framing and as a source of natural light during the day. There are so many possibilities to create an artistic image here at Waldenwoods.  

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A more relaxed option at Waldenwoods is the Lakeview Venue. Locates by Lake Walden, your ceremony will sits on the beautiful front lawn of historic Sunshine Lodge. To add to the charm, the bride gets to walk down the patio overlooking her ceremony with loved ones during the ceremony. From my personal experience, it was truly one of the most magical moments on my wedding day.

Ceremony Site for Lakeview Venue at Waldenwoods Resort
Waldenwoods sunshine lodge bride and groom portrait
Bridal and Groom Portrait at Sunshine Lodge, Waldenwoods Resort
Real Wedding at Lakeview Venue

Choosing this venue also means that your guests will enjoy a complete outdoor wedding experience! Waldenwoods offers a white canopy tent as your reception venue, seating up to 300 guests for dinner and dancing.   

Reception Site for Lakeview Venue at Waldenwoods

Above all, Waldenwoods’ all-inclusive services from on-site lodging to exceptional culinary team makes it the best all-inclusive wedding venue in southeast Michigan.

Waldenwoods Resort Wedding: On-Site Lodging

The key to create a wonderful guest experience is thoughtfulness. In other words, by providing on-site lodging options, guests can easily stay all in one place and make it a family vacation. The guests have choice to stay at rustic yet refined Sunshine and Friendship Lodges.

Friendship Lodge at Waldenwoods Resort

Plus, Waldenwoods offers boating, fishing, hiking at its family recreation resort. Guests have scenic views all around them during their stay!

Tips for the Best Sparkler Exit Photos

Many Waldenwoods couples opt for sparklers when it comes to wedding send-off. However, based on my experience photographing sparkler send offs, there are some strategies I would like to share with you. 

First, select sparklers that are at least 20 inches so you can ensure they will last through the entire send off. Also, you will need to prepare multiple lighters! We don’t recommend using matches. In fact, it is most efficient to use one lighter to light the first sparkler in a group. Then, the guest can use the lit sparklers to light the rest.

Most importantly, communicate with your photographer, event coordinator and DJ on how you want to coordinate a sparkler send off! Waldenwoods staff are very professional and helpful in this regard.

Waldenwoods Resort Wedding: Sparkler Exit Photo

Additional Costs to Expect

Of course, you should expect some additional costs when booking your venue. This is also true for Waldenwoods. Some add-on services they offer include white glove service, upgraded bar package, chair covers, bridal dressing room and more. Personally, I think it amazes me how accommodating Waldenwoods Resort is. Truly, working with Anne Graham, the event director, was a breeze from start to finish.

Waldenwoods Resort Wedding Photos

Now, are you ready to see the magic we created for Waldenwoods Resort Weddings? Contact us or schedule a Discovery Call to view a full wedding gallery!

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