Greencrest Manor Wedding in Michigan


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Greencrest Manor wedding photo taken at the balcony

A romantic and colorful fall wedding at Greencrest Manor with two grooms

A Greencrest Manor wedding in Michigan stands as a pinnacle of elegance and love, especially for two grooms. As their Battle Creek wedding photographer, capturing this fall wedding for Jessica Martinez Photography is a true privilege. This grand estate beautifully merges traditional architecture with nature’s splendor, symbolizing the union of diverse heritages. The wedding’s jade and gold color palette shines in every aspect. Jade-like gardens and rich gold details create a luxurious, harmonious setting. In this blog post, we will walk you through some of the most gorgeous spots for your Greencrest Manor wedding photos. 

The interior decor of the Manor at Greencrest Manor
groom looking down the staircase at the Manor at Greencrest Manor
two grooms in front of the window Greencrest Manor wedding

The Manor: A Historical Haven

Greencrest Manor stands majestically in Michigan, a symbol of timeless elegance and aristocratic charm. With a century of stories woven into its luxurious bricks and blossoms, it radiates history and opulence. Elegant gardens unfold in harmony, offering a serene luxury sanctuary. The Manor’s classical French château architecture showcases exquisite craftsmanship and refined taste. As autumn arrives, it transforms into a rich palette of gold, crimson, and amber, creating an ethereal setting. This majestic backdrop, perfect for high-end, artistic photography, captures the essence of luxury and heritage. Every ornate corridor and expansive lawn at Greencrest Manor speaks of elegance, providing an idyllic setting for wedding ceremonies that celebrate love, art, and cultural fusion.

Greencrest Manor Fall Wedding 

Greencrest Manor fall wedding is nothing short of magical. The fall season brings an array of colors, from golden yellows to deep reds. In fact, late October is the perfect timing for a Michigan fall wedding. Douglas and Brendan’s wedding showcased how fall elements can be integrated into wedding themes, from floral arrangements to table settings, echoing the colors of the season.

The celebration house at Greencrest Manor Battle Creek
two grooms toasting champagne by just married car at Creencrest Manor front entrance

The Celebration House: A Dream Reception Venue

The heart of any wedding at this estate wedding venue is the Maison des Fetes, or the Celebration House. This exquisite space, with its open-air doors, solid wood floors, and lantern chandeliers, offers a breathtaking setting for wedding receptions. It’s here that couples can truly bring their design dreams to life, creating an atmosphere that reflects their unique love story.

Greencrest Manor wedding reception decor emerald and gold color scheme
Greencrest Manor wedding reception at the Celebration house

Mood Board Design

In fact, we have some tips for sophisticated and design-savvy couples who are planning a Greencrest Manor wedding. Your mood board defines the aesthetic of your wedding day. To be more specific,  the key is to achieve a seamless blend of your personal style with the innate elegance of Greencrest Manor’s interiors and grounds. 

For example, begin by selecting color palettes that resonate with the estate’s rich features. This can look like – the lustrous hues of solid wood floors, the refined gleam of silver lantern chandeliers, and the Manor’s lush emerald tones. 

For a spring celebration, let the tender pastels of garden blossoms inspire a soft, romantic motif. Summer weddings can mirror the vibrant, warm spectrum of a garden in full bloom, creating an atmosphere of lively sophistication. In autumn, draw upon the rich, earthy tones of the surrounding landscape, embodying the season’s natural elegance. For winter nuptials, envision a palette of crisp whites and silvers, a nod to the serene beauty of a frost-kissed garden.

How to Choose a Cohesive Color Scheme

On a side note, incorporating textures and elements reflective of Greencrest Manor can further elevate your mood board. The inspirations can originate from the organic warmth of wood or the European-inspired art display and interior. This thoughtful approach ensures that your wedding décor not only aligns with the venue’s distinctive charm but also exudes a sense of refined, cohesive style. 

In conclusion, each photograph taken here at Greencrest Manor is not just a snapshot of a moment, but a timeless story of love, a celebration of heritage, and a testament to the journey of becoming.

Greencrest Manor Wedding mood board

Dreaming of your own enchanting wedding at Greencrest Manor Estate? Let’s connect and bring your vision to life! Inquire with us so we can create a custom proposal for you. We’re excited to share our insights and experiences from photographing at this stunning estate. 

two grooms toasting champagne by just married car
grooms in stylish suits wedding portrait at Greencrest Manor

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