Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club: A Vibrant Michigan Wedding


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Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club wedding reception

Venue Highlights

Discover the magic of Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club, a Michigan wedding photographers’ paradise. Here, romance meets refined elegance, offering the perfect backdrop for your vibrant wedding décor.

Nestled between towering pines and a tranquil lakeside green, this venue is a marriage of nature and architectural grandeur. Ready to craft the reception of your dreams? Dive in as we uncover the vibrant potentials of this Michigan wonder.

Photographed for Mel Anne Photography

Vibrant Color Palette

Transform Shepherd’s Hollow with a color palette that sings. The black and white marble floor and the royal blue carpet present a canvas eager for bold strokes of color.

Summer beckons warm, vibrant hues — think oranges, reds, and purples, creating a vivid dance of colors that breathe life into your special day. Explore the hues of the seasons, let your imagination craft a wedding reception that’s uniquely yours in vibrant Clarkston.

Seasonal Floral Arrangements

Take a cue from Amanda of Love Story Events. Picture table centerpieces bursting with roses and dahlias in warm tones, juxtaposed against the venue’s classic floor and carpet.

Picture bridal bouquets echoing the vibrant theme, harmonizing the grandeur that Shepherd’s Hollow holds — a vivid embrace of your dream day.

Personal Touches to Your Wedding Decor

Delight in the little details that tell your love story. A recent highlight? Dog wedding cake toppers. Crafted by Arnold’s Home Of Sweets, these adorable additions stood as a sweet testament to the couple’s love for their pets, adding a touch of whimsy to a grand celebration.

Engagement Session Photos

Envision the bar area adorned with glimpses from your engagement session, offering guests a personal insight into your love journey.

Take it further — visualize an outdoor terrace, a haven for intimate conversations, infused with personalized elements like marquee letters and a curated seating chart. An embodiment of luxury amidst nature, awaiting to narrate your love story.

We hope you are feeling inspired and brimming with vibrant wedding ideas for your Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club wedding. Your wedding day is a reflection of your love story, and the details matter. If you need more wedding decor ideas for your Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club wedding, schedule a Discovery Call with us! We are happy to share our experience photographing at Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club with you. 

Shepherd's Hollow Golf Club Wedding mood board


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