Cranbrook Gardens Engagement Session in Bloomfield Hills


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Cranbrook Gardens Engagement Session in Bloomfield Hills

Bloomfield Hills Wedding Photographer

Cranbrook Gardens  in Bloomfield Hills offers timeless elegance, making it an ideal locale for sophisticated engagement sessions. The iconic fountain, serene Cranbrook Japanese Gardens, and picturesque Kingswood Lake provide captivating backdrops. Each setting unfolds a unique narrative, adding a rich tapestry to your engagement photos. Here, every corner is a blend of art, history, and romance. With expertise in both digital and film photography, we offer a harmonious blend of vintage charm and modern precision. In this blog post, we’ll showcase a styled engagement session at Cranbrook Gardens. You’ll get a glimpse of what to expect from this beautiful experience with us.

Picnic engagement session at Cranbrook Gardens

Shot by 35mm Film

A Styled Engagement Session with a Story

A styled engagement session with us is much more than a photo shoot. It’s a curated experience that we design for your love story with personal touch. We specialize in crafting a bespoke narrative that resonates with your unique love story. 

Storyboard for a Styled Engagement Session at Cranbrook Gardens

Our Creative Process

The creative process begins with a clarity call. With this conversation, we delve into understanding your essence as a couple. Moreover, we craft a custom storyboard and session guide tailored for the couple. To be more specific, we include story narratives and envisioned scenes in the session guide. 

We thoughtfully planned and orchestrated each scene. For example, we designed a scene titled “Romantic Picnic for Two” for Amanda and Brock’s engagement session. We chose the tranquil heart of Cranbrook Gardens as the setting. Under a grand oak tree, we meticulously laid out a romantic picnic. The gentle sunlight filtering through added a warm, natural glow.

Cranbrook House & Gardens building

Next, attention to detail is paramount. We intentionally curated, selected, and prepared the picnic set. To start with, a charcuterie board, laden with a delightful assortment. To align with Amanda’s aesthetic vision, we worked with our favorite florist, Jordan from Fleurescent Farms, to ensure the design of a flower basket that seamlessly blended with the envisioned elegance. We select each element to match the visual narrative, from the charcuterie board to the tailored flower basket. 

In this Cranbrook Gardens engagement session, we explored three enchanting locales, each with its own distinct. 

Cranbrook Japanese Garden engagement session

Cranbrook Japanese gardens

Kingswood Lake 

Cranbrook House and Gardens Iconic Fountain

Finally, please know that we are here to curate a bespoke experience that narrates your love story against a backdrop of natural beauty and historic charm. Intrigued by the prospect of a styled Cranbrook Gardens engagement session with us? Reach out and we’d be delighted to tailor a proposal just for you!

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Cranbrook Gardens Engagement Session film photography


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She has mastered the art of balancing aesthetics with authentic storytelling, making every photograph she captures a timeless work of art. A firm believer in the power of creativity, her love for design, culture and human connection fuels her illustrious career. 




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