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Nigerian American bride and groom

Saint John’s Resort wedding in Plymouth, Michigan, presents an idyllic setting for your multicultural celebration. Choosing a venue that embraces the fusion of two distinct heritages is extremely important. In this blog, I’m excited to showcase Roberta and Michael’s Nigerian-American wedding. It is a seamless melding of traditional Nigerian customs with a classic white wedding.

Things We Love About Saint John’s Resort Wedding

First of all, we want to start with the resort’s ceremony and reception spaces. Then, we will reveal our favorite locations for your wedding portraits. Now, let’s embark on a visual tour of the places that make Saint John’s Resort a dream wedding venue.

Saint John's Resort Wedding best man helping groom getting ready

Luxurious Wedding Venues

Saint John’s Resort offers an array of exquisite ceremony spaces, each with its unique charm. As a photographer, I find the Mosaic Ballroom particularly captivating. With its classic, historic ambiance, 25-foot high ceilings, and expansive windows, it provides stunning lighting for photos. The ballroom’s ornate, detailed paintings add a touch of European artistry, setting a refined and elegant mood.

Moving on to the reception venues, the Grand Ballroom at Saint John’s Resort stands ready to host your grand celebration. Upon entering, you’re welcomed by the warm glow of exquisite chandeliers and sophisticated décor, creating a glamorous yet cozy atmosphere. This magnificent space can accommodate up to 350 guests, ensuring your event is both grand and memorable.

Our top choice for a unique reception experience is the two-story Atrium room, with a capacity for 200 guests. Its distinctive glass ceiling allows natural light to flood in, offering perfect lighting conditions for stunning portraits.

Wedding reception decor at the Grand Ballroom, Saint John's Resort

Waterfall Gardens  

Imagine your first look and bridal party photos set against the enchanting backdrop of the Waterfall Gardens. Picture the awe and emotion captured as you see each other for the first time on your wedding day. With its gentle waterfalls and lush surroundings, Roberta and Michael shared their sweet first look in private. It is also the ideal spot for your family and bridal party photos. 

Wedding Guest Accommodations

Last but not the least, for multicultural weddings, the importance of guest accommodations cannot be overstated. Providing a comfortable and welcoming stay for out-of-town guests is key to making them feel at home. As a wedding photographer, I’ve witnessed how crucial guest accommodations are, especially for a two-day multicultural celebration. At Saint John’s Resort, they truly understand these unique needs. They offer luxurious rooms and suites that provide cozy beds and top-notch amenities.

Remember, when you prioritize the comfort of your guests, you’re not just providing them a place to stay; you’re creating an inclusive, warm atmosphere that’s vital for the success of your wedding. This attention to detail in guest experience often translates into beautiful and heartfelt photographs.

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Honoring Heritages at Your Nigerian-American Wedding

At Beyond Jade, we specialize in capturing the essence of love and cultural heritage on wedding days. Having the opportunity to photograph Roberta and Michael’s Nigerian-American wedding was not only a privilege but a truly enriching experience. Each photo in their wedding gallery is a testament to the beautiful fusion of their cultures. The rich vibrancy of Nigerian heritage was magnificently displayed in the guests’ colorful attire. As you browse through these images, you’ll see a story unfold – one of two families, each with its own rich heritage, coming together in a harmonious celebration of love.

Traditional Nigerian Wedding Ceremony 

Nigerian wedding traditions and customs brim with color and festivity, featuring an abundance of music, food, and lively dancing. In general, a Nigerian wedding ceremony takes place the day before the white wedding. Roberta and Michael chose Farmington Hills Manor for their Nigerian wedding. Some of the important Nigerian wedding traditions and customs include proposal and acceptance. The groom must write a letter of intent to the bride’s parents, symbolizing his proposal. Following this, the bride’s family formally accepts the groom’s proposal on her behalf.

The Nigerian Custom of “Spraying”

The “Spraying” tradition is a highlight of Nigerian weddings, known for its vibrancy and joy. In this lively custom, guests encircle the bride and groom, dancing and ‘spraying’ or tossing money at them, as a symbolic gesture of blessings, prosperity, and good fortune. Spraying is an interactive and celebratory part of the wedding, often set to the backdrop of energetic music and dance. It’s a way for guests to actively engage in and celebrate the couple’s union. This unique tradition not only adds to the festivity of the wedding but also reflects the generous spirit and warmth of Nigerian customs. 

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Bride dancing with guests during wedding reception at Saint John's resort
Bride and groom dancing with guests during reception at Saint John's resort

Tips on Planning a Multicultural Wedding

For couples planning a multicultural celebration, here are some valuable advice:

  1. Hire a Wedding Planner : First and foremost, consider hiring a wedding planner experienced in multicultural events. They can be instrumental in managing the intricate details that come with blending two rich cultures. Begin by crafting a well-structured timeline. Multicultural weddings often extend over multiple days and include various ceremonies.
  1. Enhancing Guest Experience with Cultural Immersion: Another crucial aspect is educating your guests about the unique cultures and rituals involved. For instance, Roberta and Michael made arrangements for traditional Nigerian wedding attire for their families. Additionally, they offered their guests the opportunity to order authentic Nigerian outfits, shipped directly from Nigeria. It’s important to remember that this process should start several months in advance to ensure timely delivery and proper fittings. This allows everyone to fully participate and connect with the cultural aspects of the celebration.
  1. Logistics: Ensuring Guest Comfort: Additionally, always prioritize guest comfort, especially for those traveling from afar. Saint John’s Resort enhances this aspect by offering hotel rooms for your guests, ensuring a convenient and comfortable stay. It’s important to provide your guests with detailed information about each day’s events, including dress codes, locations, and timelines.
guests in traditional Nigerian wedding attire cocktail hour

Attending a Nigerian-American Wedding: What to Expect

If you’re invited to a Nigerian-American wedding, like Roberta and Michael’s, you’re in for a vibrant and unforgettable experience. To fully immerse yourself in the occasion, it’s important to understand and prepare for the unique cultural nuances and festivities you will encounter. To conclude, we’ll guide you through what to expect when attending a Nigerian-American wedding:

guests in traditional Nigerian wedding attire with bride and groom
  • Vibrant Attire & Headpieces: Nigerian weddings often feature colorful, traditional outfits. If the invitation suggests or offers the option, wearing Nigerian attire is a great way to engage with the culture. Nigerian brides, along with bridesmaids and family members, typically wear a traditional and ornate headpiece called a Gele. The groom and his party might wear a Fila, often custom-made for authenticity and coordination.
  • Lively Atmosphere: Expect joyous celebrations filled with music, dance, and the ‘Spraying’ tradition.
  • Culinary Delights: Be prepared for a feast of flavors! Nigerian-American weddings usually present a rich mix of traditional Nigerian dishes and American favorites.
  • Extended Ceremonies: Be aware that Nigerian weddings often feature longer ceremonies than typical American weddings. They are filled with rich rituals and family involvement. If you plan to bring small children, you may want to consider arrangements that ensure their comfort.
  • Active Participation: As a guest, your enthusiastic participation and openness to new experiences is the best gift for the couple!
Bride and groom dancing with guests during reception at Saint John's resort

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