Saint John’s Resort Wedding

Saint John’s Resort wedding in Plymouth, Michigan, presents an idyllic setting for your multicultural celebration. Choosing a venue that embraces the fusion of two distinct heritages is extremely important. In this blog, I’m excited to showcase Roberta and Michael’s Nigerian-American wedding. It is a seamless melding of traditional Nigerian customs with a classic white wedding. […]

Grosse Pointe War Memorial Wedding bride and groom portrait


Grosse Pointe War Memorial Wedding: Must-Have Photos

War Memorial Wedding Photographer The War Memorial wedding couples-let’s have a walk through your dream venue! As we stroll through the stunning grounds of the Grosse Pointe War Memorial, I can’t help but envision the countless captivating moments we’ll capture on your wedding day. This historic venue, with its blend of elegance and grandeur, offers […]

Westin Book Cadillac Detroit Wedding reception at Crystal Ballroom by Beyond Jade


Westin Book Cadillac Detroit Wedding Photos

A Westin Book Cadillac Detroit wedding stands as the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Nestled in Detroit downtown, this iconic venue offers a picturesque canvas for every chapter of your wedding story. In this blog post, we showcase a selection of wedding photos so you could envision your own dream wedding! Getting Ready at Westin […]

Ann Arbor Realtor Branding Session

For Brands

Ann Arbor Realtor Branding Session

As a luxury brand photographer in Michigan, I have an exclusive approach for Ann Arbor realtor branding session. In fact, a successful realtor’s brand image is not just about selling homes but about selling an experience, a lifestyle, and most importantly, a unique story. Here’s a deep dive into how our Michigan realtor brand photography […]


Detroit Film Wedding photographer

Chinling, a Taiwan-born talent, is a Michigan film wedding and brand photographer, highlighting and honoring multiculturalism in her work. She is a master at weaving cultures together through her lens. 

Her ability to create a harmonious blend of luxury and serenity in each story has earned her recognition in several esteemed publications. These accomplishments are a testament to her unique superpowers: a curious mind, a caring heart, and a curatorial eye.



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