Saginaw Valley State University Graduation Photos 


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Saginaw Valley State University Graduation Photos 

A Saginaw Valley State University graduation photo session provides the perfect opportunity to capture the essence of your hard-earned success. With our unique insight into SVSU, gained from years of experience working on campus as an academic director, we’re here to guide you through this photography experience. In this guide, we delve into how to make your graduation photoshoot personable and meaningful. Also, we offer tips on selecting stunning locations on campus, choosing the right outfits, and essential pre-shoot preparations.

Saginaw Valley State University Wickes Hall

Selecting the Perfect Location on SVSU Campus

Our deep familiarity with the SVSU campus allows us to offer unparalleled advice on selecting the ideal setting for your graduation photos. Here are our top location suggestions, each with its own story and aesthetic:

  • The Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum Garden: This spot offers a blend of art and nature, providing a sophisticated backdrop.
  • The Zahnow Library Waterfront: Ideal for capturing serene moments with the reflective water and lush surroundings.
  • The iconic “I love SVSU” sign outside Ryder Center: Perfect for showing off your school spirit in a vibrant and recognizable setting.
  • The Yien International Garden 
Yien International Garden

Outfit Style Guide for Your Graduation Photos

The Classic Look

For a timeless appearance, opt for your cap and gown over smart casual attire. Men can consider a button-down shirt with dress pants. Meanwhile, women might choose a simple dress or a blouse and skirt combo.

Saginaw Valley State University Graduation Photo headshot by Beyond Jade

The Casual Chic

For a more relaxed look, pick outfits that reflect your personal style while still looking polished. Think of a tailored blazer over jeans for a smart yet casual vibe, or a flowy dress for a touch of elegance.

Accessories and Props

Incorporate elements that highlight your achievements or interests, such as decorated caps, honors cords, champagnes, confetti, or balloons. These additions make your photos uniquely yours.

Saginaw Valley State University Graduation Photos with decorated cap

Including Loved Ones in Your Photoshoot

Bringing parents or significant others to your graduation photoshoot can add a deeply personal and emotional dimension. These individuals have been your pillars of support throughout your academic journey. In fact, including them in your photos not only honors their contribution but also captures the shared joy and pride of this significant milestone. 

As someone who has witnessed countless students supported by their families and partners, I highly recommend considering a few shots with your loved ones. Especially for international students, having photos with parents or significant others can serve as a reminder of the journey you’ve embarked on together. Plus, their presence can bring out the most genuine smiles that reflect the collective celebration of your achievements. 

Pre-Shoot Preparation Tips

  1. Explore the Campus: Leverage my insights to find the perfect spots for your photos. I can guide you to hidden gems and the best times for ideal lighting.
  2. Hair and Makeup: Plan a hair and makeup look that feels like you at your best. Consider a trial run before the shoot to ensure everything looks as expected.
  3. Rest and Hydrate: Get a good night’s sleep. Stay hydrated for a fresh appearance on the day of the shoot.
SVSU graduation photos couple engagement2

Inspiration and Ideas

For inspiration and to see examples of beautiful Saginaw Valley State University Graduation Photos, visit our portfolio HERE. You’ll find a variety of styles, locations, and poses to help you envision your own session.

SVSU founder's hall engagement photo couple

Capturing your graduation moments with Saginaw Valley State University graduation photos is a way to forever hold onto the memories of your college years. With the right preparation, location, and outfit, your graduation photos will be as unique and memorable as your time at SVSU. BOOK A SESSION NOW.

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