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Winter Engagement Session

A winter engagement session in the snow is one of the most romantic settings that I could think of! In fact, it isn’t easy to trudge through the snow, put up with the cold, and smile your way throughout the photoshoot. To my surprise, many couples are willing to brave the cold to get the most beautiful snowy winter engagement photos! Take Brooke and Tyler for example, they really wanted a winter engagement session in the snow.

Tyler and Brooke

In every photo, you can just see how much Tyler adores Brooke! Actually, I really enjoyed capturing the little things Tyler did for Brooke. For example, he made sure her makeup looked perfect before I took the shots. In my experience,  many guys are not comfortable posing in front of camera. But, I could tell that Tyler felt very relaxed whenever he looked at Brooke. Plus, Brooke’s sweet smile and authentic personality made the whole experience so pleasant!   

Engagement Session with Dogs 

During the photoshoot, Tyler and Brooke introduced us to their fur baby, Rizzy. To celebrate the engagement, Brooke put a pink flower collar on Rizzy and she looked absolutely adorable with it!

Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Photos

Fur babies are a wonderful addition to photoshoots, just make sure that you plan accordingly. First things first, timing is everything! To plan an engagement session with dogs, I recommend having your puppy at the LAST 15-20 minutes of your session. After that, you can have a friend bring them for your or watch them onsite. Also, walk them beforehand, and groom them ahead of time so they look their best. Finally, bring enough treats, favorite squeaky toys to keep them happy, and towels to keep any mud or wet feet managed!

Despite the freezing temperatures, we had fun during the photoshoot! I hope you find some inspirations from these light and airy Frankenmuth winter engagement session. If you are planning a Christmas-themed engagement session, click HERE.   For more tips on how to get the best winter engagement photos, check out this article from the BRIDES.  

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