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A Wedding Invitation Checklist

As a wedding photographer, I love to provide a wedding invitation checklist for my brides. Wedding invitations don’t get the attention that they deserve. Think about it though, for many of your guests the wedding invitation is their first impression of your wedding. It’s where they get a sense of your theme, style and the start of your romantic journey as a couple. It is, if you will, the cover of the book. Make sure to capture that cover because, let’s be honest, lots of people do judge books by their covers.

Why does your wedding photographer need them?

I ask all my brides to send me copies of their invitation suite at least two weeks prior to their wedding. By doing this, I will have a better idea of the theme and colors of their wedding day. It’s important because it allows the wedding photographer to complete their wedding day story. Keep reading for some tips about preparing an invitation suite!

Wait, you say, why did you just call it an invitation suite. In fact, the envelop that your guests receive in the mail should be more than a card that tells them the when and where of the wedding. It should have a host of details about all elements of this major event as well as provide them with the opportunity to reply. This can include the RSVP card, response/reply card, direction cards, accommodation cards, menu cards, and, of course, the actual invitation! It can be a bit overwhelming, but just keep in mind that you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to deciding what to include.

It is important to think about the invitation suite as more than a way to send information and more as an artistic expression that sets the mood for the ceremony. Is the ceremony formal or casual? What are your colors? Do you have a font or stationary selected that can be carried into the place settings and signage at the wedding itself? These are all things that will help you decide both what to include in your invitation suite and what the stationary should look like.

Wedding Invitation

This is the main event and where the most attention will be.


Make sure that you give some thought to the timeline when you set these up. You will need to give enough time for people to make travel plans as well as have enough time to get details to your caterer and manage other event details.

The Vow Books

These are my personal favorite. I know that not everyone decides to write their own vows…BUT there is something amazing about having to write down a commitment that you will then speak aloud in front of your loved ones. You will want these promises captured in a special place.

Menu Cards

Let’s be honest, menu cards are more form than function. Sure, your guests will be interested in knowing what is being served. But they are going to eat it either way, right? Still, it is an important part of the table décor. And especially if done correctly, it can really enhance the appearance of the table at the reception.

Wedding Invitation Add-ons

  • Direction cards
  • Accommodation card

Many people focus too much on wedding day photographs only. But as you will soon discover planning a wedding is a long and sometimes arduous journey in itself! You will inevitably look back with fondness at the process and you want to make sure that you get photos of each step-from engagement photos to invitation photos, all the way until the big day!

I hope this wedding invitation checklist is helpful! If you are interested in learning more details on what to include in each piece of invitation suite, here’s a link to a Wedding Stationary Guide written by SEVENTH AND ANDERSON. For those opt for online wedding invitation, read more on BASIC INVITE: WEDDING INVITATION WE LOVE

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