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Drone Photography

We are excited to announce that we are offering drone photography in 2021! When my husband, Brian, first asked me “What do you think about drone photography? ” I seriously thought he was joking. Next thing I knew he was studying for his FAA Part 107 Drone License. It was actually a bigger deal than I expected since he had to prepare for a test. We drove down to an official testing center-Avflight Flint for his test. Of course, he also had to go through a background checking. And then, finally, he was OFFICIALLY a commercial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) pilot and happily setting up his brand new DJI Mavic Air 2.  In fact, he’s probably a bit too into it—if you don’t believe me, check out his MI Drone Pilot blog, www.midronepilot.com.   

In this blog post, I will walk you through some things you should know about before hiring our drone pilot for your events! 

Who Might Need Drone Services ?

To begin with, aerial photography is actually a quick and easy way to add a dramatic touch to a variety of services. In addition to providing the opportunity to get majestic views of your wedding venue, drone photography is something that can help people promote their businesses.

  • Wedding Photography & Videography: Drones are great at getting those epic wedding photographs! In fact, many couples are opting for epic wedding photographs in incredible destinations. 
  • Wedding Venues & Event planners: Drones can also be used to showcase a creative event in both photography and videography.
  • Real Estate Agents: It will be a great way to market and provide a more immersive client experience. Who doesn’t like a video tour?!
  • Residential Home Inspectors: You will get bonus points for taking a look at roofs or other outdoor structures for exterior damage.

Safety First

Needless to say, safety is our top priority. For example, prior to flying not only do we inspect the area visually, but also ensure that airspace regulations are followed. Also, we obtain FAA permission to fly if necessary. We ensure that drones stay a safe distance from people and, of course, carry insurance to cover accidents. This also means that we cannot operate drones at night and there will be no close-ups.

Drone Photography Are Primarily For Outdoor Venues  

Drones are ideal to fly outdoors instead of indoor venues. We always ensure that a trained pilot is available to evaluate the suitability of each location.

Weather Restrictions

Finally, our drones are unable to fly situations that involve rain or snow.  They are capable of remaining stable in windy conditions. However, high or gusting winds may render their use unsafe. Be aware there might be last-minute changes due to changing weather conditions and FAA airspace regulations.

Interested in booking drone photography and videography with us? Check out this video clip of a recent downtown engagement session with our drone!

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  2. Kim Forbes says:

    Very interesting info on drones! I didn’t realize how much there was in becoming a drone pilot!

  3. heather says:

    Such a great perspective on Drone photography! loved the insight!

  4. Erin says:

    This is such a cool service to offer! And great tips for those looking to hire you for this!

  5. great information, i was considering get a drone just last week and had no idea you needed to get a commercial uav license.

  6. Jennifer Cox says:

    This is an awesome service to offer! You can get some great shots and video from a drone!

  7. Jana Marie says:

    Great info! The first time I literally flew my drone was attempting it over the ocean in Dominican Republic with high winds. I didnt even know the settings yet. What a dare devil. Or a dumb dumb, haha. I’d love to get registered and do drone work more often. I love it, even though my hearts beating out of my chest most of the time. I totally fear crashing it and never finding it. /:

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