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African inspired wedding on film designed by Joy Proctor Design

Why Choose a Michigan Film Wedding Photographer?

Are you planning your wedding and considering film photography? As a Michigan film wedding photographer, I specialize in creating a laidback luxury experience that combines documentary photography with an editorial flair. Film photography offers a unique aesthetic that enhances the beauty of your wedding. From vibrant colors to intricate details, film creates stunning images that you will cherish forever. This FAQ will answer common questions and help you understand the benefits of choosing film photography for your wedding.

What is film photography, and how does it differ from digital photography?

Film photography uses traditional film to capture images, which are then developed in a darkroom. Unlike digital photography, which uses sensors and electronic data, film captures light on a physical medium, resulting in images with a unique texture, depth, and richness. The natural grain and tones of film often create a more nostalgic and timeless look.

Film photography offers a classic and timeless quality that enhances the beauty and emotion of your wedding photos. The depth and richness of film images can evoke strong emotional connections. If you appreciate the artistic and nostalgic feel of film, choosing a film photographer will ensure your wedding photos stand out with a unique and elegant aesthetic. 

African inspired wedding reception details on film by Joy Proctor Design

For those who appreciate a personalized, artistic approach and want to understand the benefits of film photography, let’s start the conversation so we can show you sample galleries. Schedule a free Discovery Call now.

Florida African inspired wedding reception details on film by Joy Proctor Design

Combining film and digital photography

How do 35mm and 120 film differ, and which should we choose?

As a Michigan film wedding photographer, I offer both 35mm and 120mm film photography options. The 35mm format is perfect for capturing candid, spontaneous moments with its flexibility and vibrant colors. Meanwhile, the 120mm format provides higher resolution and stunning detail, ideal for dramatic, editorial-style portraits. Combining these two formats ensures a comprehensive and visually captivating documentation of your wedding day, preserving every beautiful moment with timeless elegance.

35mm film images

These film images offer a classic, versatile option for wedding photography. The smaller format allows for greater flexibility and faster shooting, making it perfect for capturing candid moments and spontaneous interactions throughout your wedding day. The grain and texture of 35mm film add a nostalgic quality to the images, enhancing the emotional impact. This format excels in capturing vibrant colors and intricate details, providing a balanced and authentic representation of your special moments.

Omni Amelia Island Resort wedding on film
Omni Amelia Island Resort wedding on film

120 film images

120 film, also known as medium format film, provides a higher resolution and a more luxurious feel to your wedding photos. The larger film size captures more detail and produces images with stunning depth and clarity. This format is ideal for creating dramatic, editorial-style portraits and capturing the grandeur of your wedding venue. The rich tones and smooth gradations of 120 film give your photos a timeless, elegant quality that stands out in a wedding album.

Detroit film wedding photographer ceremony vow exchange
Detroit film wedding photographer ceremony vow exchange
Detroit film wedding photographer ceremony
Holly Vault wedding bridal party on 120mm film
Holly Vault wedding bridal party on 120mm film

Comparing 35mm and 120 film

When comparing 35mm and 120 film images, both offer unique advantages that can enhance your wedding photography. 35mm film is perfect for capturing the spontaneous, candid moments of your day with its flexibility and speed. It excels in producing vibrant, authentic images that convey the genuine emotions and interactions of your celebration.

On the other hand, 120 film provides a higher resolution and greater detail, making it ideal for creating stunning, high-quality portraits and dramatic scenes. Its rich tones and depth give your photos an editorial, luxurious feel that elevates the overall aesthetic of your wedding album. Together, these formats complement each other beautifully, ensuring a comprehensive and visually captivating documentation of your wedding day.

Is film photography suitable for all types of wedding venues and lighting conditions?

Absolutely! Film photography works beautifully in various venues and lighting conditions. As skilled film photographers, we know how to adapt to different environments to capture stunning images. Film particularly excels in natural light, enhancing the beauty of both indoor and outdoor settings. If your wedding features plenty of natural light, film photography will bring out the best in every moment, creating timeless and elegant photos you’ll cherish forever.

Omni Amelia Island Resort bridal portrait wedding on film

Film Photography in Different Wedding Venues

Greencrest Manor, Battle Creek, Michigan

same sex Greencrest Manor wedding

Venue3Two, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Venue 3 Two Wedding Rose Floral Arch ceremony

Planterra Conservatory, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Planterra Conservatory wedding film photographer tablescape details

Waldenwoods Resort, Howell, Michigan

Indian wedding baraat horse decorated with gold and red at Waldenwoods resort Michigan

Indian Springs Metropark, White Lake, Michigan

bride with bridesmaids and bridesman in multi-colored dresses3

Holly Vault, Holly, Michigan

Holly Vault film wedding photographer

How long does it take to receive our wedding photos?

Film photography involves a more detailed process than digital, including developing and scanning the film. Typically, you can expect to receive your wedding photos within 4-6 weeks after your wedding day. This timeframe ensures that each image is carefully processed and delivered in the highest quality. Our favorite film lab is theFindlab!

Can we get both film and digital photos from our wedding?

Of course! We offer a hybrid photography package that includes both film and digital images. This approach lets you enjoy the timeless elegance of film while also benefiting from the versatility and immediacy of digital photos. Depending on the timeline, we typically shoot around 2-3 rolls of film, capturing those special moments with a unique, artistic touch. This blend ensures you receive a comprehensive and beautifully curated collection of wedding photos. Fill out our contact form, and we’ll tailor the package to suit your needs perfectly.

Omni Amelia Island Resort wedding on film

What to expect from your Michigan film wedding gallery?

When you receive your film images in the gallery, you can expect a collection of authentic, candid moments alongside posed, editorial-style shots. Each frame will be carefully composed, reflecting the deliberate and thoughtful approach of film photography. The gallery will include a mix of spontaneous interactions, beautifully crafted portraits, and some creative shots that may be intentionally blurry to capture the dynamic energy and emotion of the day.

Omni Amelia Island Resort bridal portrait with veil wedding on film

We kindly ask our clients to respect our creative process when capturing film images, as it includes a variety of detail shots, close-ups, and artistic compositions to beautifully document your special day.

Detroit film wedding photographer double exposure

Is film photography more expensive than digital photography?

Film photography can be more costly due to the price of film, development, and the time-intensive nature of the process. However, many couples find the unique, timeless quality of film images to be well worth the investment.

Omni Amelia Island Resort bridal portrait with veil wedding on film

How can we ensure our film photos are safe and preserved?

Film photographers take great care in handling and developing film to ensure your images are preserved. Once developed, film negatives can be digitized and stored securely. Additionally, you can request high-quality prints and albums to keep your memories safe and accessible for years to come.

Michigan Engagement Session on Film

Capturing your engagement session on film brings a timeless and romantic quality to your photos, and there’s no better place for this than the stunning Cranbrook House & Gardens. Nestled in the heart of Michigan, Cranbrook Gardens offers a picturesque backdrop with its lush landscapes, elegant architecture, and serene water features.

Our styled engagement session at Cranbrook Gardens on film highlighted the natural beauty of the location, creating images with rich, vibrant colors and a nostalgic feel. The intricate details of the gardens and the couple’s genuine emotions were beautifully captured on film, resulting in a collection of engagement photos that are both elegant and enduring. This setting, combined with the unique qualities of film photography, creates a truly magical experience that you will cherish forever.

Schedule a free Discovery Call and start planning your dream wedding photography experience. Let’s work together to capture your special day in the most beautiful and timeless way possible.


Michigan Indian Wedding Film Photographer 

Greencrest Manor Wedding with Two Grooms

Cranbrook Gardens: Styled Engagement Session on Film



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