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Best Wedding Venue in Holly, Michigan

Featured by WeddingDay Magazine, The Holly Vault Collection is undoubtedly the best wedding venue in Holly, Michigan!  

I had the pleasure to photograph Natalie and David’s Holly Vault wedding at the Battle Alley and Venue One Eleven is one of the most heart-warming and memorable weddings I’ve photographed. In fact, I was impressed by how thoughtful David was to everybody throughout the wedding day. So I decided to put together a few highlights from their sweet wedding. My hope is that these inspirations will be helpful for you to plan a joyful and memorable wedding of your own!

Planning a Wedding That Represents You as A Couple

When planning your wedding, keep in mind that it is both an expression of who you each are as individuals and a testament to who you are becoming together. It is a celebration of your relationship and the things that make the two of you unique and it is also reflection of the many friends and family that helped create the beautiful union that is your partnership. Look for ways to highlight unique things about yourself, your love, and the loved ones that are joining you. Here are a few suggestions to stir your creative juices.

Surprise Your Bride with Her Puppy Fur babies

Puppies are always a wonderful addition to a wedding ceremony, but, let’s be honest, many of our four-legged friends may be intimidated or go a little wild at the excitement of a ceremony. So do what this thoughtful groom did for his bride. Have one of your friends bring your bride’s dog to the reception and have them show up a little after dinner. There isn’t as much going on at that point so it is easier for dog to manage. It won’t interfere with the ceremony. And, if timed right, it can be a thoughtful surprise for your loved one! And, of course, you can make sure that there is plenty of time to get some great photographs! Just make sure to bring a water dish and have a plan for someone to take care of the dog during the reception.

If you are planning it to be a surprise like David did, make sure you coordinate it with your photographer and videographer so they can capture the biggest smile of your bride.

A Special Dance with Grandparents

If your grandparents can join you at your wedding, make sure to include them in the reception as well. One of the easiest ways to do this is by having a special dance with your grandparents. This small touch will provide lasting memories for everyone and is a great way to show your appreciation for the support that they have provided you throughout your life. Though the dance lasts only for a few minutes, the sweet memory will last a lifetime.

Spoil Your Groomsmen With Unique Gifts: Custom Made Pokeballs

What a fun way to say ‘I Choose You!’ to your groomsmen! Whether there it is your groomsmen or your bridesmaids, you have some inside jokes. Whether it is a childhood game, running joke from the office, or TV show that you have shared an obsession for, there’s is something that makes you smile when no one else knows what you are talking about. The wedding ceremony is about more than just the person you are marrying. It is also about the friends and family that supported you on your journey to this day. Give them some props for that support. You might not have caught them all, but they helped you catch the one that matters most.

Wow Your Wedding Guest with Vintage Mirror Seating Chart

This gold beauty is created by Martha, Martsy Designs. Martha’s hand lettering design blew me away! You can honor the relationships that are part of the wedding in little ways too. One of these ways is through the seating chart. Take a look at this vintage mirror seating chart where you can see the careful crafting of each name. It’s a beautiful and memorable way of showing your guests how much they mean to you.

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The Wedding Team

Venue: Venue One Eleven @hollyvault

Make-up: @lipstickbritt

Hair: @beautybylindseyf

Flowers: Blumz, Holly

Signs: @martsydesigns

Catering: Chowhound Gourmet

DJ: @blacktie_productions

Videography: Kou Lor Films

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