Photography Crafted with  GRACE, FLAIR & STORY

Photography Crafted with  GRACE, FLAIR & STORY

Michigan Wedding Photographer

Michigan Wedding Photographer


Detroit Film Wedding photographer

Chinling, a Taiwan-born talent, is a Michigan film wedding and brand photographer, highlighting and honoring multiculturalism in her work. She is a master at weaving cultures together through her lens. 

Her ability to create a harmonious blend of luxury and serenity in each story has earned her recognition in several esteemed publications. These accomplishments are a testament to her unique superpowers: a curious mind, a caring heart, and a curatorial eye.


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“The amount of CARE put into each photograph was TOUCHING. Every single picture was JAW-DROPPING.”


“We didn't feel like just another client to her. She WENT OUT OF HER WAY to get to know our story.”

— david papenhagen

“Chinling's CALM DEMEANOR and her ability to make any location work are PRICELESS.”


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We offer a range of bespoke services designed to capture the grandeur and beauty of your story. With a deep appreciation for elegance and sophistication, we create images that evoke the essence of luxury and romance.


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We believe photography is about making you feel heard and seen. You're pursuing an experience that embodies the uniqueness of your story. With this in mind, we offer tailor-made, thoughtfully-designed experiences.

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There's a nostalgia and a beauty with film. Film captures a story in its most unique form. As a Michigan film photographer, we offer film photography to elevate your experience.

A Blend of Digital and Film Photography


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