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Wedding Venue in Midland

Midland Country Club Wedding reception
Midland Country Club Wedding : St. Andrews Ballroom

Looking for a wedding venue in Midland? As the best Midland wedding photographer, I can assure you The H Hotel  is the best wedding venue in Midland, Michigan! There are so many things that I love about this H Hotel wedding. For example, working with their wedding specialist, Karley, made the busy day so much easier. On top of that, their catering service did an amazing job. The food at the reception was so delicious and, of course, photogenic.

If you are still looking for a wedding venue in Midland, Michigan, there are few locations that provide the double threat of elegance and customer service that are provide by the H Hotel (or just the H as many locals refer to it). In fact, it is quite likely that the name itself (“H” as in “Human”) refers to the strong customer service that is provided by this excellent venue.

The H Hotel Wedding

The open air setting of the courtyard is a perfect location for an outdoor wedding ceremony! Their courtyard ceremony with greenery arbor provided an intimate and elegant space for the couple. For example, the location at the center of the hotel provides a level of privacy while still being open enough for a large crowd. Meanwhile, the greenery that surrounds the courtyard provides a great backdrop without being distracting and the brick means that you do not need to worry about mud or wet grass, like you do in many outdoor venues. I even got to snap a quick shot of the beautiful ceremony from a room upstairs!

5 Reasons Why Choose The H Hotel is The Best Wedding Venue in Midland

Photogenic Location

First of all, the H is located in downtown Midland! It’s only a short walk away from the parks surrounding the “Tridge” or the three-way bridge that spans the three way intersection of the Tittabawassee and Chippewa Rivers. This is also where Midland has a really amazing farmers market in the summer! I enjoy exploring photography spots near outdoor concerts, festivals, and even the start of a beautiful bike path that stretches to Sanford. It’s a really great location with lots to do.

By the way, another nearby location option will be Dow Gardens. You don’t want to miss the beautiful locations for post-ceremony wedding photos near the river and amidst flowered bushes.

Exceptional Food Service

In addition, you can have your reception dinner in their new restaurant that opened in 2020! One Eighteen replaced the Table which was well known throughout the region for fine dining.

Customer Service

The focus of the staff on taking care of guests will make your wedding an event to remember as they take care of the countless behind the scenes details that are necessary for a successful wedding. Karly and her team are wonderful to work with!

Weather-Proof Guarantee

Above all, the fact that it is in a hotel means there is always an easy indoor backup location if the weather chooses not to cooperate. Overall, it has a classic feel and can be readily adapted to variety of wedding styles.

Bonus Point: It’s Convenient for Out-of-Town Guests 

Your guests can stay in the recently refurbished and extremely clean rooms. It is quite simply a one stop shop that will help ensure a successful wedding weekend.

There you go! These are the reasons that I love about the venue. So, if you are considering a wedding near Midland, you cannot go wrong with the H Hotel Wedding. If you are looking for more blue wedding inspirations, make sure to read BLUE WEDDING COLOR PALETTE.

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