Seven Lakes State Park Engagement


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Seven Lakes State Park Engagement

As a Mid-Michigan wedding photographer, a Seven Lakes State Park engagement photos has always been my favorite.

A Fun-Filled Buffalo Wild Wings Picnic

For an authentic and fun-loving couple like Ryan and Jacqueline, the theme I designed for this Seven Lakes State Park engagement session was- A Fun-Filled Buffalo Wild Wings Picnic! From the Engagement Session Questionnaire they completed, I learned that they used to go to Buffalo Wild Wings every Thursday for BOGO wings. That was when I decided to set up a picnic setting with their favorite beer, wings and donuts.

My favorite thing about this lake engagement session was how their genuine joy shines through in all the photos. To create a fun and relaxing experience for them, I had them race each other through fields for donuts and dancing on the rocks.  At the end of the session, they were still laughing about how they didn’t realize that a photo shoot could be so much fun!

Tips for Authentic Engagement Photos

But look, not everyone likes having their picture taken. The biggest cause of this is quite simply that they are not comfortable having their picture taken. For many people this leads to a trend of self consciousness, even to the point of avoiding photos, and perhaps even to the belief that they are not photogenic. Perhaps you are one of these people who look enviously at the charming and enthusiastic smiles that others project in photos and even convince yourself that you don’t look good in pictures. That simply isn’t true.

Being uncomfortable is not the same as not looking good and everyone can be in beautiful, authentic photos if they just learn to be comfortable in front of the camera. That isn’t a look. That’s a skill that can be learned. So how to do it? Look genuine and authentic in photos? Below are some simple tips to help you prepare for an authentic engagement session experience!  

Tip #1: Finding the Right Photographer

A photographer who cares enough to create and design a romantic experience for you intentionally.

Well, the first step is finding the right photographer. For me it feels like chemistry–that connection that I have with a couple. That’s what I felt with I felt with I spoke with Jacqueline and Ryan. I felt like they understood me and that I understood them. From their quirky desire for a Buffalo Wild Wings picnic engagement shoot to the deep love that I could see in their eyes when they stared at each other.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to talk to multiple photographers. Get to know them and find out if they are interested in getting to know you. Because the more comfortable you are and the they take the time to get to know the nuances of who you and your fiancée are, the most comfortable you will be with the photo shoot. 

Tip #2: Choose a Theme that Reflect You as A Couple

Second, choose a theme that fits you. No reason to pretend to be or like things that you don’t. Own it. For example, Jacqueline and Ryan were engaged at Buffulo Wild Wings and I was able to integrate that into their engagement shoot at Seven Lakes State Park in the form of a picnic. These two were a riot to work with! 

Tip #3: Outfits Matter

Wear outfits that you feel confident and relaxed in.

Next, it is also important to pick outfits that you will feel confident and relaxed in. Clothes really can change how you feel. Much in the same way that the theme of the shoot really impacts how comfortable you are, so will clothes! In this fall engagement photo shoot that showcases the natural beauty of Michigan, you can see that the couple made excellent choices regarding outfits that fit their personalities. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should pull out the pajamas that you slip into after work every night, but it does mean that you should pick outfits that reflect who you are on the inside. 

Tip #4: Just Have Fun ! Think of It as A Date Night

Finally, just have fun! As we met near Fenton for the engagement photos, I knew from the start that this would be a successful photo shoot full of authentic engagement photos. We had the setting, the beautiful Seven Lakes State Park. We had a theme that reflected the fun and adventurous nature of this couple. I could tell that this couple quickly forgot about the camera and the event turned into a fun date night. Stop thinking about the destination and just enjoy the journey. 

I hope you these tips for authentic engagement photos are helpful for your upcoming engagement sessions with your photographer! For more authentic engagement photos, check out Megan and Nazir’s beach engagement session at Kirk Park & Rosy Mound Natural Area. For more Seven Lake State Park engagement sessions, check Kevin and Destiny’s painting date engagement.

Kind Words From The Couple

“My fiancé and I wholeheartedly recommend Chinling for your photography needs! My fiancé and I never had professional photographs taken and were a bit nervous going into the experience; however, Chinling quickly put the nerves to rest. From the second we met her, it felt like we’d known Chinling for years. Before you know it, we were laughing and at ease.

Chinling took us to gorgeous locations in the park she scouted earlier and tailored a shoot unique to us. For example, she met with us over Zoom and got to know us as a couple prior to the shoot. Ultimately, this led to some fun props and photos that truly captured us as a couple. Honestly, I never thought I would have so much fun at a photoshoot—and the photographs reflect this to be true.She personally met with us to reveal the photos she took, and I kid you not, every single picture was jaw dropping. The amount of care Chinling put into each photograph was touching. She captured our best selves, now preserved for perpetuity.” -Ryan T.

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  1. Alisa Lu says:

    These are soooo beautiful!! I really love their outfits, and I think you say it really well that outfits should reflect who you are on the inside ☺️

  2. sara says:

    I love these tip! You definitely nailed capturing authentic engagement!

  3. Reed Gallagher says:

    These are all such great tips!! I love number two Looks and sounds so fun!

  4. Alisha says:

    Gorgeous photos and such great advice!!

  5. I feel like I know this couple just from these pictures! Great job!

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