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There are so many reasons why you should choose online wedding invitations. Wedding invitations and engagement invitation cards are an important part of the wedding experience for your guests because they are often the first exposure that they have to your wedding’s theme, style, and of course details. It is where your guests begin to get a sense of the look and feel for your entire wedding even before the process begins. That’s not a minor decision!

#1 Huge Selection

While many people like browsing through paper samples to make this important decision, I recommend starting this process online for a few different reasons. First is simply selection. Online suppliers have extensive collections of not just types of paper, but also fonts, ink, envelopes, accents, and much more! It is easy to find just the right colors and style that match the rest of your ceremony to ensure that the style of your wedding gets off to the right start with a look that carries through all the way until “I do!”

#2 Complete Customization

The second reason to opt for online wedding invitations is customization. Many online suppliers have online WYSIWYG systems (What you see is what you get!). In other words, they allow you to test out the various colors, fonts, and papers using your actual name. You can tweak all of the details to ensure that they line up exactly like you want so that you won’t be disappointed down the road. This can also be a useful way to identify the fonts that you want to use for other aspects of your wedding, like the menu, seating cards, etc. Being able to instantly see what things look like will ensure that you get what you want at the end. It doesn’t hurt to order a sample before you put in the full order though. I would recommend try it out with Basic Invite first. You can order a printed sample from Basic Invites before you place the order.

#3 Convenience

The final reason to get your wedding invitations online is simple convenience. Many websites will incorporate free wedding websites or addressing services with your order. When you have to address a few hundred envelopes, services like this can be a lifesaver for your (and your fiance’s) hand. It’s never too early to start looking at wedding invitations online. Besides, online customization systems are a great way to start defining your style. The goal is to make sure that your guests have an amazing experience from start to finish!

Not sure where to start with? Check my blog about A Wedding Invitation Suite Checklist to find out what you need for online wedding invitations!

If you are interested in trying out Basic Invite, below are some links that you can see what they offer!





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